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Simplify with CPS®


C-Parts Solutions

Würth Industry offers a modular suite of customized supply solutions for both vendor managed and customer managed inventory programs. CPS® provides complete transparency, allowing your C-parts to truly be managed through our proprietary web-based software CPS®ONLINE.

CPS® includes storage and retrieval systems, warehousing, re-stocking and ordering programs, including pull-systems such as “kanban”, “in-plant stores”, and returnable container systems.

Practice-oriented E-procurement solutions enable customized direct ordering per barcode and scanning right where articles are needed. Furthermore, we offer on-site consultation and a telephone hotline to your personal contact.

Our demand-oriented system is based on customer-specific consumption. This enables you to run a streamlined, cost-optimized purchase and logistics process, which makes a valuable contribution to your corporate development.

Learn more about the CPS® Components:


Innovative Würth W-KLT® bins with front opening flap allows for easy acces to parts.

  • CPS®KANBAN -Two-bin Kanban systems managed via our proprietary web-based system.
  • CPS®ONLINE - Online access to important information
  • CPS®EQS - Quality management programs
  • CPS®TECH - Technical engineering support to assist in application, design, and value added services
  • CPS®KIT - Kitting solutions
  • CPS®ASSEMBLY - Assembly solutions